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SLIM: a multi-scale model of the land-sea continuum

SLIM is an unstructured-mesh hydrodynamic model that can seamlessly simulate flows from the river to the coastal ocean. It relies on the Discontinuous Galerkin finite element method to achieve unprecedented accuracy, even for very complex coastlines and bathymetry. SLIM includes the following modules to model a range of different water environments:

  • SLIM1D for flows in branching river networks
  • SLIM2D for shallow barotropic flows with or without wetting and drying
  • SLIM3D for more complex barotropic or baroclinic flows where the vertical structure cannot be neglected
  • A Lagrangian particle tracker to simulate the transport of larvae or debris
  • A Eulerian transport model to simulate the dynamics of tracers such as pollutants and sediments

SLIM has already been applied in the following regions

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Scheldt Estuary: 51.415482, 3.648148
Congo Estuary: -6.064769, 12.491455
Columbia Estuary: 46.248250, -123.968353
Great Barrier Reef: -18.344098, 146.821289
Florida Reef Tract: 24.779254, -80.870361
Great Bahama Bank: 24.322071, -78.524780
Indonesia: -4.368320, 117.509766
Lake Tanganyika: -5.725311, 29.608154
Torres Strait and the Gulf of Carpentaria: -12.918907, 140.756836
Canadian Arctic Archipelago: 76.865480, -97.887706
Bohai Sea: 38.719805, 119.904785
Lake Titicaca: -16.077486, -68.985901
Arabian/Persian Gulf: 26.180089, 52.316895
Danube: 45.155896, 29.794922

And also for the extraterrestrial lakes and seas of Titan !!