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Eulerian Transport Model

The Eulerian transport model simulates the transport, dispersion and decay of dissolved or suspended substances under the influence of the water currents. The Eulerian transport model can be coupled with SLIM1D, SLIM2D or SLIM3D to simulate a wide range of hydrodynamic phenomena in rivers, lake, estuaries, coastal seas and in the deep ocean. The tracer diffusivities can be calculated with state-of-the-art turbulence models. The transport equation is discretised with the Discontinuous Galerkin finite element method, which ensures optimal accuracy even for advection-dominated processes.

Tracers that can be modelled include bacteria, radioactive elements, flow diagnostics such as the water age, temperature, salinity and fine-grained sediments. The latter can simulated with SLIM2D and SLIM3D. In a 3D simulation, a vertical sediment settling velocity is added to the hydrodynamical vertical velocity. This velocity is proportional to the sediment concentration, as it is characteristic of cohesive sediment. The sediment plume is then much smaller than the freshwater plume.

Sediment and freshwater plumes as modeled by SLIM3D and the Eulerian transport model in the Burdekine River (Australia).

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